BigBasket clone using pure HTML, CSS & JS

Hi there, we have experienced our first team project in Masai School on the BigBasket website clone. This is the first time that we have experienced something like this.


Used Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Local Storage, DOM & Media Queries. P.S → We haven’t used any external libraries & plugins.

Team: Vattsal, Prathamesh, Pranjal, Samruddhi, Somi, Darshan


  1. We need to achieve a good user experience in terms of design and flow.
  2. Users can easily navigate themselves to the primary step which we are willing them to do. It should not be confusing.
  3. Smooth transitions between journey and cart should be more clear with the cost and savings.


  1. As we all are working together(6 mates ) for the first time, we did not know how to divide tasks among us, how to handle bugs, and other things.
  2. We all are new to each other, we tried to fill the gap of communication and vibe among us. Talked a lot of random things about each other for getting trust and betterment.
  3. How would we complete the project before time? How to help each other while working on our own stuff?
  4. GitHub push & pull, branch, collaboration, conflicts, and etc uff…

#Things that we have learned

1. First and foremost you should fix the design approach which should be followed by all. Which is called design continuity.

2. How to connect all the files and merge them without any flaws. In addition to this how-to find bugs and remove them.

3. Well when you wrote the code it’s easy to find bugs and add something to it but.. but… when it didn’t then it’s the time when you feel frustrated. Eventually, we did that with flying colors.


We think we have achieved the goals that we have decided to. When you go through it you will easily find the product that you want, you can add it to the cart, find the totals of Savings and the Payment. Our primary goal was to give the best and easy checkout experience. That we have achieved. Still, there are many things that we could do better if we would have time but in a shorter time span, this is the output that we coded.




MERN Stack Developer & Tech Enthusiast.

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Vattsal Bhatt

Vattsal Bhatt

MERN Stack Developer & Tech Enthusiast.

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